Flambeau River Ramble – 10th-12th Grade Adventure Trip!

Join Shetek for a high adventure trip through our partnership with Camp Amnicon!  Make new memories with your camp friends.  Sign up early — maximum of 9 participants.

Located in the heart of Wisconsin, the Flambeau River is considered one of the best paddling rivers in the country. The river is wide and the current starts out slow, giving novice paddlers the chance to learn and practice their skills before encountering small riffles and rapids.  The rapids grow progressively larger, culminating in a really fun set of Class II rapids on the last day, right where we pick you up.  Along the way you’ll enjoy the beautiful forest and abundant wildlife.

Fun Fact: The Flambeau River got its name for the French Fur Traders (Voyageurs!) who watched the native people fishing along the river using flaming torches. On the first day, you meet your guides and learn everything you need to know, such as how to pack and what to do if your canoe tips, so that you feel prepared to take on the challenges of the week. That evening we’ll do a big campfire at sunset on our sandy beach of Lake Superior. The next morning, we drive you out to the Flambeau and the adventure begins! You spend each day paddling down the river, setting up camp each afternoon. There is time to swim, explore, and play each afternoon before cooking dinner over the fire. You end each evening with a meaningful community conversation around the fire. The trip culminates in a campfire and closing ceremony back at our sandy Lake Superior beach. With a sky full of stars above you, the biggest lake in the world beside you, and your new-found-friends in front of you, it is plain to see the wonder of creation and the Grace of God.

Join us June 16-21, 2024




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