Summer Staff Alumni Challenge

  Alumni staff of SLM – you know how the experience of working at Shetek impacted your life.  We know lives are changed by the experience of being on summer staff.  You grow in your faith, you develop leadership skills, you learn to work as a team and you build relationships, to name a few benefits.  These are skills you are probably still using!! 

This summer, because of the challenges of the pandemic, we need your help.  We have committed to 21 young adults who desire to serve in whatever capacity they can.  We are asking if you are willing to share your experience with them by sponsoring them.  Would you be willing to sponsor a summer staff for the summer ($3,100) or for a week ($310)? 

Talk to the friends you served with.  If your year on staff donates the most to support this year’s staff, we’ll have a special activity during an alumni weekend event when we can gather again.  Read the letter below for more details. 

Alumni Challenge letter

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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