Where is Shetek Lutheran Ministries (SLM) located? SLM is located in Southwestern Minnesota near Slayton on Keeley Island in Lake Shetek. Camp is about 1 1⁄2 hrs. northeast of Sioux Falls, 3 hrs. southwest of the Twin Cities, and 2 hrs. west of Mankato. (Map)


What are the ages of the campers that I will work with? SLM serves campers of all ages! Onsite, full- week campers enter 3-12th grade and half- week campers enter 2-9th grade. Our Day Camp program in local congregations serves 1-6th graders. We also have High Schoolers who serve as Counselors In Training (CIT). Every week SLM has grandparents, grandchildren and families attending our Cross-Generational programs. SOS Camp week serves mostly adult campers with mental and physical disabilities.


Do I need to be Lutheran to serve? You need not be Lutheran to work at SLM and we provide a Lutheran Theology session during staff training. Many of our campers and staff do not come from a Lutheran background.


What does a week at camp look like? Camper registration begins at 3 pm on Sunday and ends on Friday with a camper led worship. Our Cross-Gen campers stay for 2-3 days and our youngest campers come for a day or for a half week. Counselors stay in cabins with around 6-10 campers. Our 7-9th Grade campers go on Outcamp, a canoe camping trip held across the lake.  Thursdays is our Christ Walk play held all around camp.


 When does camp begin and end? Summer staff commit to serving at camp from May 27 – August 10. Some positions may require an earlier start date. The summer begins with two weeks of (paid) staff training followed by 9 weeks of camp.


 What about time off and weekends? The camp week runs from 12:00 pm Sunday through 4 p.m. Friday. occcasionally Day Camps may attend their church on Sunday mornings.) During weekend time off, staff are  encouraged to stay at camp. Staff are required to work 2-3 weekends throughout the summer. Shetek seeks to employ individuals who can serve at camp for the entirety of the summer. Some exceptions may be arranged ahead of time.


What will my salary be? Salaries range from $400-$475 per week depending on the position in which you serve. If you are a lifeguard we will add an additional $25 a week to your salary. In addition to your salary, you will have minimal living expenses as room and board is provided. Some colleges also offer grants for Bible Camp Staff. We are happy to work with you for internship opportunities. We also offer a bonus for every friend you recruit to work at camp all summer.


What does a day at camp look like?

Morning – 7:30 Bell, Staff Meeting, Devotion, Breakfast, Worship, Bible Time, Group Building activities, and Cabin Challenges

Afternoon – Lunch, Rest time, Swimming, Boating, Arts & Crafts, Games, Canteen/camp store; Environmental Education, Large Group Games, Cabin group time

Evening – Supper, Large Group Games or Worship, Snack, Campfire, Devotion 

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