Position Descriptions for Summer Ministry Team

*Assistant Program Director: Assists the Program Director in implementing day-to-day activities of camp; provides, guidance and encouragement to the summer ministry team. Must have strong leadership, teamwork, and organizational skills and a mature self-motivated individual who is willing to serve where needed. 21+ years of age and at least 2 years prior camp experience preferred. Salary: $400/week

Counselor: Provides camper care and supervision on-site, at day camps, and possibly on adventure trips; lead and participate in camper activities such as worship, outcamp, games, Bible Study; assists with cleaning and maintenance projects. 18+ years of age required and 1 year of college/work, experience working with youth preferred. Salary: $350/week, $375/week returning counselors, +$10 for lifeguards

*Canteen Manager: Manages the camp store; keeps inventory and database records up to date; orders supplies. Must be organized and detail oriented. Salary: $350/week

Chaplain: Ministers to campers and summer ministry team; assists with devotions, worship services, and Bible Studies. Must be mature, self-motivated, and caring. 21+ years of age, seminary experience preferred. Salary: $400/week

Cross Generational Director: Organizes and leads programs for families, grandparents, and our youngest campers. Must have organization skills, ability to work with campers of all ages and to lead fellow staff members in facilitating the programs. 21+ years of age preferred. Salary: $400/week

Day Camp Director: Prepares, organizes, and leads day camps in area congregations; coordinates with congregation coordinators; supports and encourages Day Camp Team. 21+ years of age, VBS, supervisory experience preferred. Salary $400/week

Health Care Manager: Distributes medications; maintains a clean and orderly health care station, keeps accuarate health logs; assists campers with medical needs. Must be responsible, compassionate, organized, and detail oriented. 21+ years of age, medical interest/experience preferred. Salary $400/week

Kitchen Assistant: Assists Food Service Director with food preparation, serving, clean up, and dishes. Must be a hard worker. 16+ years of age, interest/experience working in a kitchen preferred. Salary: $350/week

Maintenance Assistance: Assists Property Managers with maintenance of camp grounds and facilities; mows; cleans; minor repairs. Must be a hard worker. 16+ years of age. Salary: $350/week

*Media Coordinator/IT: Takes photos and videos; creates content for the social media, and year-round use website, uploads photos weekly, takes lead on virtual programming. Must be organized, creative, and a self-starter. Computer, photography, marketing, video, or graphic design skills preferred. Salary: $350/week

*Waterfront Director: Creates and maintains a safe waterfront area and beachfront; schedules lifeguards; orients guests and campers using the waterfront. Must be a certified lifeguard by the time of employment. 21+ years of age and experience preferred. Salary: $400/week

*This job may be combined with another role and may not be a stand-alone position. The other role that may be associated with this position will be based on applicants’ interests, qualifications and camp’s staffing needs.


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February 12, 2022


  1. Apryl

    My son is interested in CIT. Is there any positions open? He is 17 and a junior.

    • Marv Nysetvold

      Hi Apryl, I don’t know if anyone responded yet and I’m sorry it’s taken this long to reply. Yes, our CIT program is June 12-17 and you can register here – https://shetek.org/go/counselor-in-training/
      Let me know if you have any questions.


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